Complete Project Mentoring

Curriculum of Complete Project Mentoring

You will be provided with atleast 5 projects on which you will be working from end to end. They will be ranging from toy examples to huge projects. The number of projects is not restricted to 5. It can be more or less depending on the years of experience you carry currently and the expertise that you have in analytics and as per that they will be customized to suite your current needs. The mentors will hand hold you and clear your doubts on a need basis.

You can even opt to work on live projects provided you have sufficient knowledge already in data science. We would more than be willing to get you on board as part of that. Apart from the projects , you will also be reading certain case studies from various domains that we will recommend you to increase your knowledge in this field.

The projects will be provided by studying your profile carefully and mostly we will try to give your domains’ specific projects unless you say you would like to do a project in a new domain. Ideally a mix of  your domain and new domain projects is best to gain overall knowledge about analytics  and applied data sciences.

Projects will be given as per the domain and experience you carry.

If you have worked in a particular domain, idea is to give you similar domain projects first and then expose you to other domains. You will be put as part of live projects as well.

Our main projects are confidential so we don’t put it on website.


  • Iris data classification
  • Employee Churn prediction model
  • Customer attrition model
  • Chat bot implementation
  • Agriculture sales forecasting
  • Ecommerce website customer reviews analysis
  • Sentimental analysis
  • Social media website data extraction and analysis
  • Image processing and recognition
  • Loan default prediction
  • Cancer detection
  • SMS Spam detection
  • Income prediction as per employee profiles
  • Disease prediction
  • EDA and executive dashboard creation

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