Complete Interview Mentoring

complete interview mentoring

Any preparation is incomplete if you are not fully equipped with how to tackle the interview !

Unless you crack the interview, your preparation and all the hard work done is not useful.

This program is meant for people who have spent time either in self prep or money in various institutes but still are not able to crack the job.

If you feel that your CV doesn’t get shortlisted or even if it gets shortlisted, you are not able to crack the job, then this program can help you.


Why choose interview preparation program ?

Googling 100 data science interview questions will not help you crack the job ! If interviewers ask those questions then what is the use of conducting the interview? Everyone already know the answers.

Our mentors are senior folks who themselves conduct interviews in their respective companies and also they too attend interviews every week so that they get to know what other companies are actually asking in the interviews. Hence, you will be given interview preparation master guide which our mentors have prepared which keeps on evolving every week after they attempt interviews personally themselves !

In this way, you will be properly prepared before you attempt your interview and you won't have to struggle online searching for questions and answers and wasting your time.

You will attempt multiple mock interview with our mentors and become you go for an interview, you will discuss with our mentor to understand how you have to speak during the interview.

After the interview is over, you will discuss with the mentor what went well and identify what needs to be improved before the next interview.

Master the skills through this course that tackles each and every aspects of job interviewing plus bonus of actual demonstration of the toughest and most commonly asked questions. Interviewing is a key skill in which, most of times it don't go to the most experienced or qualified candidate but go to people with the best interviewing skills.

Right now time is most important for you because , the sooner you are able to convert the interview, the more relevant months of experience will get added. The more you delay your preparation, more irrelevant experience will get added and others will grab the job openings which are currently there.

Market is hot right now ! It won't be there after sometime when majority of the openings are closed. So ACT NOW and get the best of the best interview program.

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