Docker Training


Course Content

  • Alternatives to Docker
  • The evolution of containers
  • How containers work
  • Containers and Microservice Architecture
  • Installing Docker on Ubuntu linux 16.0
  • Configuring Docker on Ubuntu real time environment
  • Running your First Container on Ubuntu linux
  • Docker Client
  • Docker Daemon
  • What is an image in docker container
  • What does image contain inside docker
  • Repositories
  • Versioning & Tags
  • Docker images
  • What is the Docker Hub
  • Creating an account
  • Check Docker logs
  • Use of Follow command
  • How to do Port Mapping inside containers
  • Simple port mapping
  • Introduction
  • How to use From command
  • How to use Run command
  • What is Docker Build
  • Use of CMD
  • Use of EXEC
  • Use of Entry point
  • How to check running containers using Docker PS
  • Use of Docker start
  • Use of Docker stop
  • How to start and stop particular service within containers

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