Structured Query Language, or what’s more commonly known as SQL, is a special- purpose programming language that’s used to interact with databases. It works by analyzing and understanding databases consisting of fields of data within tables. Learning SQL will allow you to mine data with greater efficiency. Using basic queries you can identify specific data at time intervals, view update events, monitor table activity, and much more. This alone should be reason enough to take the initiative and learn SQL. SQL is particularly effective at data manipulation. Because it allows you to see the exact data and how it works, you’ll have an easier time testing and manipulating the data. Furthermore, data stored in SQL is dynamic, meaning it can me modified and manipulated at any time using some basic queries.

  • SQL Overview
  • SQL SELECT statements
  • Functions and expressions
  • SQL updating
  • Joins
  • SQL with multiple tables
  • Summarization
  • SQL: preparing for the real world

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